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How to Use the Website of Online Store “Kamuflage.ru” (short instructions for first-day service soldiers)

On a daily basis professional staff members of “Kamuflage.ru” promotion unit do their best to make the website functional and simple to use. These instructions are the so-called hints which will help you to find, choose, buy or return an inappropriate purchase, contact managers or senior staff of the store.

Product Search Tools

The website users are offered several efficient search tools which enable to find one particular product or, for instance, a few products at the same price, colour, size or brand.

Catalogue of Products

The product assortment of store “Kamuflage.ru” includes over 1000 items. You can find the catalogue of goods on every page of the website to the left. Sections marked “+” contain subsections. To open a section and get access to subsections, you should click on “+” or the title. To make the process of navigation through a wide variety of goods easier, we classified and divided all the products into groups and subgroups which resulted in a logic, clear and comprehensible catalogue of products.

Screenshot of the catalogue menu with detailed explanation and recommendations

Product search in the catalogue through a special navigation menu.

Each section of the catalogue has a set of filters which enable to sort out goods in accordance with certain conditions. For example, a user has access to the filter that deletes all unavailable products. There are other filters which enable to select products of a specific brand, colour or size as well as to sort out goods by ascending or descending price.

The picture shows a screenshot of filters from the catalogue sections. The screenshot contains detailed explanation.

To activate a filter, you should mark it with a tick and press the “Apply” button.

Search Line

In order to find a certain product quickly, please use a search function of the website. The search line is located above the catalogue of goods. Please write down the name of a desired product, press “Enter”, and the availability status and price will come up. You will be offered to make an order and purchase.

The picture shows a screenshot: a search line presents a list of search results and comments.

How to use a smart search line?

Filter System for Searching Products or Groups of Products

We have also developed a flexible tool of product search my means of special filters. A user/customer himself sets parameters for sorting out goods. The filters make it possible to find:

  • products at a specific price;
  • products included in a fixed price range;
  • clothing or footwear of a specific size;
  • products of a specific colour;
  • products of a specific manufacturer/brand.

The search can be carried out through the whole product catalogue including products which are not available at the time of the search. If a required product is not available at the time of the search, a customer can use the website service “Inform about arrival of stock”.

The picture shows a product search filter by parameters containing illustrative examples.

How to use the search by parameters?

If a customer would like to make a purchase at once, please remove unavailable products from the list. To do this, you should activate function “In stock only” in the lower part of the filter block. Customers wishing to buy a product and pick it up from one of “Kamuflage.ru” sales offices can use an additional filter - “Specify the shop”. If you use it, the search engine will sort out goods which are available in this specific shop.

The picture shows a screenshot that helps to choose goods available in a specific off-line shop.

How to find goods which are sold in a specific shop in Moscow?

Online Chat: Direct Link to the Shop Manager

If a user/customer has an urgent question or he/she needs to consult with a shop manager on selection of the size of a suit or shoes, we have a fast communication tool – online chat. The online chat window is located in the lower right corner of the computer screen/ the lower part of the mobile device screen. The first connection to the online chat requires a user’s name and e-mail address. The name is needed for communication with an operator, and e-mail address serves as an additional communication channel (for example, if a user is off-line, a message will be sent to his/her e-mail address).

If an operator is late with his response, a user can switch on another operator. One can send texts and links through the online chat; pictures and other multimedia files should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address: info@kamuflage.ru

The online chat is open from 9:00 - 20:00. During non-working hours we receive customer questions and enquiries; responses to all messages are sent to relevant e-mail addresses during working hours.

Function “Order a Telephone Call”

Our managers are always ready to answer customer telephone calls. One can make a telephone call or order a call from a manager.  Function “Order a telephone call” is activated by clicking on the link with the same name; it can be found in the upper part.

A screenshot with a marked link “Order a call”

Function “Order a telephone call”

Function” Inform about arrival of stock”

This function can help those customers who have found a desired product but can’t buy or order it because it is out of stock. In this case a customer can ask for automatic notification on a new arrival of stock. The notification will be sent to the customer immediately upon the arrival of the item. The link providing access to function “Inform about arrival of stock” is available on all product pages.

A screenshot of a product page with a marked function “Inform about arrival of stock”

Function “Inform about arrival of stock”. How to receive a product that is out of stock?

Function “Select the size”

Selecting the right size is not an easy thing. Store “Kamuflage.ru” is interested in every customer’s successful purchase. Service “Select the size” enables a customer to send measurements to the store, so the person in charge could estimate if the size was chosen correctly. Thus, by sending your measurements to us you provide yourself with the correct size choice guarantee. And if you receive the wrong size, the store will bear the responsibility for all expenditures related to return.

The picture shows a screenshot of a product page with a marked link “Select the size”.

Function “Select the size”

Service “In stock”

This service can be helpful for customers who choose goods online and buy them at the store after having tried them on or just having looked at them.  To know in which shop a specific item is available, one should click on link “In stock”.

A screenshot of a product page with a marked function “In stock”

Function “In stock” helps to see the product availability status.

Important! If chosen goods are available in different sales offices, a customer should specify where and when he/she would like to pick up the purchase (i.e. address of the shop, date and time should be specified). A shop assistant will transfer all goods to the most convenient for the customer sales office.

Service “Expected Date of Arrival”

This service provides information about an expected date of stock arrival. Link “Expected Date of Arrival” is available on all page products. However, the demonstration window always shows an approximate date of stock arrival; the date can be changed in accordance with the schedule of product release; if the date is not specified, it means it is still unknown.

Screenshot of a product page with a marked link “Expected Date of Arrival”

Function “Expected Date of Arrival” contains information on product commercial availability.

Service “Sizes”

Link “Sizes” provides access to a special tab on size and measurements chart. The service is applied to products having parameters of size and height and available on product cards. To be able to use the size chart, you should have a tailor measurement tape to make measurements for selecting the correct size of clothes.

Screenshot of a product with a marked link “Sizes”.

“Sizes” enables a customer to select the correct size of camouflage clothes

Precise Size Selection According to Customer Requirements and Wishes

If a customer has special wishes which should be taken into consideration in the selection of size, he/she should notify the shop staff who complete orders.

The expression “customer special wishes” can mean, for example, a regular fit of the suit, i.e. if a customer wants to wear several insulation layers underneath the suit, we recommend selecting the size of the suit according to the size chart because in this case he/she will receive an item featuring additional volume. If a customer would like to have a tight fit suit, he/she should inform the shop managers about this too.

Special wishes and requirements can be sent in a review which is added in the “Additional information” field. This is the right way of informing the shop staff: a customer’s wish is recorded and therefore it can’t be ignored or missed by the managers. If a customer wish or requirement can’t be fulfilled for some reason, a manager/ shop-assistant will contact the customer to solve the problem.

The picture shows the window “Additional Information” where you should write your comments regarding your order.

How customers give their comments to a shop manager?

How to Contact the Senior Staff of Store “Kamuflage.ru”

The most easy and right way of contacting the senior staff of the company is to write an e-mail to: info@kamuflage.ru. All e-mails coming to this address are read by the director general. This e-mail address is also used by customers as well as companies and enterprises interested in business cooperation with “Kamuflage.ru”.

The picture shows a screenshot of page header of the website with the e-mail address.

E-mail is the easiest way of contacting the director of “Kamuflage.ru”.

Registration on the Website. Customer Benefits

Registration on our website is necessary for making orders and purchases online. It enables to record orders which means that this function protects interests of both parties involved in the bargain. It takes one minute to be registered on the website.

When making further orders, a registered and authorized website user saves a lot of time: for example, if a new purchase is delivered to the address specified by a customer in the previous order, he/she does not have to fill out the delivery card form again.

A personal account enables to keep a purchase history, i.e. a registered user is entitled to have an accumulative discount and receive special offers/bonus points from “Kamuflage.ru”. The maximum discount for permanent clients is 7%. It is valid for all registered/authorized users/customers who have made purchases for over 7 000 rubles (the sum can vary and should be checked with the shop managers). For authorized users (entitled to 7% discount) all price labels are demonstrated in red with regard to the 7% discount.

Attention! The permanent client discount is not valid for goods sold at a lower price within a limited time offer. Discounts provided within different offers can’t be summarized. A customer can use only one type of discount - the most profitable.

Reviews and Comments on website “Kamuflage.ru”

Each product page has comment tools. Users can share their opinion about a purchased product, ask for advice, send feedback, ask administrative personnel and shop assistants or write a complaint.

Your registration on the website is not required, if you want just to send comments.

The website administrative personnel read all customer comments and send their feedback. Negative comments are not deleted. However, it is strictly forbidden: to advertise products not included in the assortment of store “Kamuflage.ru”; to use indecent words and offensive language as well as comments irrelevant to the theme of the website.

Language and Currency

The website of online store “Kamuflage.ru” is available in Russian and English. Normally a user has access to the version related to a geographic location which is automatically identified by the website. The system can make an error which results in the wrong version. The reason for the failure may be the use of proxy servers or anonymizer servers. In this case a user should select the language manually by clicking on the switch button located on the page header to the right. 

All prices are shown in three currencies. The type of currency is selected automatically in accordance with the geographic zone and can be changed manually.   Switch buttons are available on each page.

How to choose prices in US dollars and euro. How to switch the language of the website.

Currency and language switch buttons

Subscriptions and Notifications from “Kamuflage.ru”

Customers who wish to be the first to buy new products of “Kamuflage.ru” or who wish to make exclusively profitable purchases can avoid wasting much time doing monitoring of the website. For this purpose, there has been developed a system of subscriptions and notifications.

Users of website “Kamuflage.ru” have access to three kinds of subscription – website news, notifications on new arrivals and discounts. Users receive all information by e-mail.

Registered users can activate or cancel subscription in their personal account. Unregistered users can monitor subscription too by opening the “Kamuflage.ru” webpage. A special box for subscription monitoring is in the lower left part. In order to start subscription, one should enter e-mail address and press button “Subscribe”. To cancel subscription, one should do the same and “tick” button “Cancel subscription”. The website will respond to this with a message about the current subscription status – “Not subscribed”.

Do you have more questions? Please ask our operator by online-chat!


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